Eagle’s Nest Community Church has existed as a vibrant church under Eagle’s Nest Ministry since the late 90’s and was separated on March 29, 2007 as a separate incorporated entity. We shared space with Eagle’s Nest Ministry at 486 Decatur Street, Atlanta, GA. It was birthed through the work of ministry staff and supporters of Eagle’s Nest Ministry, Inc., founded by Larry Arnold and Harold Smith in 1986. The Church moved from 486 Decatur Street and purchased 14 Hilliard Street, NE., Atlanta, GA in September 2003. In June 2005 the Ministry purchased 330 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, GA where the church held services until the purchase of an existing church building on August 11, 2016 at 442 School Drive, Atlanta, GA 30354. God has blessed us tremendously and we invite you to come visit and worship with us. He has expanded our territory and mission field to include families and children in our new area of ministry.


Hurt Park/Decatur St. Meetings


Organized Church


501(c) Status Granted


New Building on Edgewood Ave.


Purchased new building